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Winstrol (Stanozolol): All information including side effects

Take all doubts about the Stanozolon steroids (Winstrol), how your cycles (men and women), pills, side effects, drug counterfeiting, etc.

Many drugs have been used indiscriminately by athletes and people who seek to gain muscle mass and strength at an accelerated rate. However, most of these products can cause many problems for users. The class of substances that more enters the list of products used for muscle gain, weight loss and decrease in body fat are anabolic steroids.

These substances are hormones and may be natural or synthetic, that assist in muscle growth and cell division. Its action promotes the development of various tissues, including muscle and bone. Its main base is the male hormone testosterone, which has the fundamental role the growth of muscle cells, and increase endurance and strength.

Winstrol (Stanozolol)One of anabolic most popular among athletes, especially, is the Winstrol, also known as Stanozolol, Stanozolol (which is their active ingredient) or Winstrol-V, and is one of the most used, especially the possibility of oral or injectable administration.
The oral use of the drug is less effective than injection, requiring a higher dose, causing consequently a greater overload of the liver.

The use of anabolic steroids is becoming increasingly common in the world of fitness.What was once used only by bodybuilders, today spreads by academies from around the world. One of the most used is steroidsstanozolol, testosterone derivative which, although not one of the more potent is widely used by surgeons who perform cycles for muscle definition. One of the “positives” of anabolic and what makes it one of the most consumed is the factor to offer big gains with minimal side effects.

Initially, stanozolol was prescribed by physicians for the treatment of anemia and hereditary angioedema (swelling located in the dermis and in the submucosa).Veterinarians may also prescribe drugs with indications for muscle growth, stimulate appetite, increase red blood cell production and bone density in debilitated animals.

What is your primary function?

The Stanozolol, known more popular way Winstrol (oral version) and Winstrol Depot (intramuscular version), is used by those who wish to reduce the percentage of body fat and show more muscle definition. But, what many do not know is that stanozolol does not cause fat loss directly. In fact, the increase is caused by muscle anabolic occurs that causes greater energy consumption by muscles, stimulating lipolysis. One of the attractions of this substance is that it does not cause water retention, which impairs the aesthetic appearance.

This anabolic can bring better results than other anabolic the same line as oxandrolone with fewer side effects. The stanozolol reduces the amount of SHBG (carrier sex hormone binding globulin) responsible for binding to certain hormones such as testosterone, for example. Thus, this hormone is circulating in greater amounts in the blood stream and promoting increased muscle growth.

For aesthetic purposes is used Winstrol (Stanozolon)

Its main feature is the reduction of body fat from lean mass gain. His little water retention, in difference to other anabolic (since it is a very little androgenic drug) causes users to believe that he has the power to lose weight, but this is only a myth. Its main function, as said earlier, is the increase in lean body mass. Normally, people use such a substance in the muscle definition period, it is possible to see major changes in the body.

Use of shape

The most common way used by athletes, is the intramuscular administration of 100 mg per day or else two doses of 50 mg. It is also possible to administer it orally ingesting a tablet of 2 mg (although it is already possible to find versions with 10 mg) of 6 in 6 hours. This is the minimum dose to be taken, but some athletes inject stanozolol at lower doses just to prevent injury. This is done because this anabolic has as one of its functions, take fluids to various parts of the body which helps to lubricate the joints. This level below the minimum is excellent for those who practiceendurance exercise since it minimizes weight gain. Already some sports practitioners take much higher doses to these.

Stanozolon Cycles

1-1The Winstrol is often used in cycles along with other steroids known that we will address shortly here on the blog, including the Oxandrolone, the Sustanon (active ingredient: testosterone propionate) and Deca Durabolin (active principle: Nandrolone decanoate).

The use of stanozolol for women

The use of stanozolol for women is immediately behind the oxandrolone and is often administered in conjunction with this substance. The dosage for females is only 5 to 10 mg per day. This amount can already show significant results despite low.

Its actual use as a medicinal product is made for patients requiring increased muscle, especially in people who are convalescing in chronic conditions of physical depreciation, anorexia, or any problems that cause decreased muscle and bone tissue. You can see an increase in appetite and body weight with the drug, especially due to better use of protein by the body, which is the major substance of the administration’s reason for people in need of increased muscle. Protein is the main source of increased muscle, so you can see a big improvement in that tissue.

Side Effects of Winstrol (Stanozolol)

The widespread use, primarily for aesthetic purposes, it may cause various problems in the body, in particular body whereby the substance to be distributed passes through the body, the liver. There may be an overload of this body, causing various problems including hepatotixicty. This problem is caused by liver damage that can compromise the functioning of the liver. The liver, when it is committed with their roles, may fail to perform essential functions to the body because it is responsible for the release of secretions necessary for proper functioning of the body.

Another problem associated with cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. A dosage of 6 mg per day can reduce up to 33% in HDL and increase around 29% of LDL, which is bad for a good blood circulation. Another problem that has appeared in some users of this substance is cardiac hypertrophy. Here are other problems that the use of stanozolol can cause:

  • decreased libido;

  • appearance of pimples;

  • hair loss;

  • anxiety;

  • difficulty sleeping;

  • cause masculinizing effect on women;

  • Enlarged Prostate;

Another major problem that has occurred is the counterfeit product and may bring even more problems because it may be contaminated with several other foreign components and unknown by the user in addition to those that are part of the real composition of the product.

The use of these products, anabolic steroids for cosmetic purposes is prohibited in USA. Its side effects are more significant than its benefits. Daily exercise and proper nutrition can provide both better cosmetic results and in relation to health.Staying healthy should always be the primary goal, because only from that the body can be done aesthetically. Consult your physician and a professional sport so that they indicate the best ways to achieve their goals.

One of the most known cases of athletes related to stanozolol is the Jamaican Benjamin SICLAIR Johnson, known in the 80s as the fastest man in the world. In 1988 he lost his gold medals already won, reputation and several contracts that had the had become rich. He was caught by a urine test in which identified the presence of stanozolol. His coach Charles Francis confessed that Benjamin used the drug since 1981 , and he was suspended for two years of competitions. When he returned, he was caught again with steroids and was finally suspended from all competitions.

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